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How many times have they mentioned this, saying, "Indeed, there is a project effort that people can encourage, but it is not under the law. Another is the fastest way to reach the Tura farm. Older Egyptians were the first man who built cannabis and heroin, many of the descendants claimed that they were in their lives in drug life, such as Naguib Mahfouz, and some were obviously missing as a professor of dementia d. Mohammed Shaalan, before being approved by Holland and Canada.

Creativity sometimes seems to need external inspiration to move an unprofitable move to; may be a poem or painted. The big poet Ahmed Rami can only write two cases and he was riding on the plot and on the rhythm of his wheels he wrote his poem, or under the bed that was inspired by a split of poetry, Although the famous musician Mohammed Abdul Wahab was encouraged not Unlike the bed, so the couple combined a number of successful songs and the last "your love" Umm Kulthum from above and under the bed.

Baligh Hamdi's musician did not hold a job until he forgotten a day. He was married to Warda and traveled to Beirut at the same time. Umm Kulthum did not get anyone who was delaying for even a few minutes. And for his day he decided to stop it completely, and he pulled a poem (for your eyes I had love for his share) and I took it in the last moments of Riad al- Sunbati, but she later sang "all of us" and "gave us our mind" and put it on because of "feelings" She thought that others had an unstable sin!

The Kamal Al-Tawil musician before it starts to be created, flows to a place near his house to roast fish, and his / her. watch sea sweets. This did not mean that it would eat fish, maybe it would be dissatisfied with one-sided, The house plays the latest outlets. Please note that such problems are being disciplined, for example, the famous Arab literature Abbas Mahmoud Akkad when he wanted to forget his love for the well-known artist Madiha Yousry. He asked him a student and friend of the well-known artist, Salah Taher, drawing a bad picture of his / her; He fits people in art, and Akkad was before he went to bed; Look at the plague a few minutes and then sleep at the eye, and still he has written about Madiha more than a poem of love!

Muhammad al-Qusbaji's maker was fond of carding watches and he had always found old pieces on his way, even though it was just a pack of buildings empty. After long, long, & # 39; is Hilmi Bakr's two, & nbsp; first marriage and so they called "Helmi Yar". In another word «Bakriar», and in the time between marriage and another one in charge of the second hole, the repair of old cars, has a special earmark in discrimination Between the word «Shakman» Arabs Incontinent is the same degree of singer's difference cacophony sound and sweetest Alsaan tasty !! time.

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