Greece: banned by 24h strike


Public transport in Athens as well as the maritime and rail links was severely brushed on Wednesday in Greece with a 24 hour strike when private unions requested "end of hard policies".
There was no sea route from Piraeus, a large port near Athens, to the Aegean sea islands due to the strike of seamen at the PNO union. Large accidents were introduced on Athens routes, due to the metro strike and tram tram and bus driver stops.

The main private craft union, General Staff Alliance (GSEE), wants to "reduce the minimum wage to 751 euros" against 580 euros at present while reducing it during the crisis (2010-2018). "The systematic and polite policies have led to disagreement (…), staff want general agreements, employment for all, a successful social security system, without cuts in pensions and benefits," which the GSEE press release.

There is a rally planning in the middle of Athens at 9:00 GMT before going to Syntagma Square, in front of the Parliament, the drama of emergency exhibitions at the emergency level (2010-2014).

The strike came two weeks after a similar move with the Adedy craft union and the day after journalists wanted to increase salary and pensions, which were planned several times in the last few years. A recent report of a report by her & # 39; International Labor Organization (ILO), Greek media said that salary wages in Greece "generally decreased by 3.1% over the period 2008-2017".

The coalition government, led by the left of Alexis Tsipras, has recently submitted the 2019 budget recommendation to the Parliament today, first after the end of sharp plans determined by creditors , which is a Provision for 2.5% benefits for low income.

In August, Greece emerged from eight years of rigorous guidance with the European Union and with its " International Monetary Fund after gaining international loans to stop debt debts. Despite the end of its climate change programs, the country is still better supervised by its creditors, and needs to meet a series of responsibilities, including basic fiscal basic (including debt service) 3.5% to 2022. The highest level of unemployment in the euro department is 19% in the second quarter, and his & her; Most Greek still influences the hardness of & # 39; they are.

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