Accountant made up of E9 couple – They gave revenge to them because they would go to another!

Four months of three-year imprisonment set on Friday, the Monomorphic Court of Volos in Volioti, who was arrested for fitness.

The person changed his client tax confirmation as they would go to another accountant, so the clients were cited with the Tax Office to pay a tax of 12,000 barley.

However, despite the defendant, however, every tax, and his / her. denied the minimum participation In accordance with the local newspaper "Tahridromos", everything was done in November 2015. According to their conviction, on November 11th, # 39; the victims, a pair of Voloni's shopkeepers, ask the accused to give their codes as they wanted to change a accountant.

The accountant refused then to give the code and then change the tax confirmation of his / her couple by typing it; Increasing square meters to home from 100 to 300. The couple realized their tax turnover on the next day he addressed another man to account for giving new codes of Taxis. Then he would have to pay a sum of EUR 200 to change his taxpayer and correct the square meters, and also asked to pay his fee.

"I am professional in their work. I will never send my hands to take off his eyes, he said he reported to the accused to the Court. Despite this, the Monomelogian First Hour Court in Volos was guilty of him and convicted him for fitness.

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