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Alexis Savvopoulos wrote

Savvas Pantelides walked immediately after the huge double in Xanthi warned them if his team and PAS Giannina did not; win, he would have made a hole in the water. He knew that the place would grow so important. Basha had the third 90 minutes in the week, and Corhut and Larson came and before they knew that their partner's names were deep in the fall, Tòmaakakis did not have any other support, they were not happy to be relaxed and when he spent an hour spent power.

The PAS closed all the corridors, ensuring that Aris was tough, especially on the acar since his player was not behind the lines and Diamantopoulos was "doubled". The Savva Pantelidis team had patience, he had certainly increased his confidence and confidence after winning Xanthi and Matteo was very well-cleared.

Sirius had a high pressure and a & # 39; crossing horizontally and horizontally as long as it was ready and right, Deposis played with Pose well Mano and Athanasiadis (Pizz was only escaped from Tzimopoulos in PAS) and in general In the middle of the Mars field with a lot of hits in the last four games, it seems to have found a chemistry. In fact, it is difficult for the Pantelides decision now that Veleth is turning.

Martini, who comes from the mountain for a second game, also has a great deal and will change his balance, and have another problem on her. coach now that Fetzatzidis and Tonsus have been added to their equation. From the middle and forth, Mars has many options and yesterday games, it will try to add it.

There is a lot of standing in the statement Savva Pantelidis saved that this is a # 39; The first time he was a member of the team. A true loyal account from Mars coach, I feel he wanted to say a lot more about the problem, very hard week and his last week. For it, it may have been the day since he put his leg to Victor. As a result of the effects made by Levadiakos, they burst the building together, they brought it close to the opening door and could even leave before the fight in Pigadia, unless Constantine Diamantopoulos a & # 39; placing his sadness in front of him, that he would have a certain truth and feeling to him yesterday.

I keep going, something is also very important. coming from the yesterday's night at Vikelidis. Unity and funeral spirit made by the team. Some players came in front of them, dragged the rest and in the difficult time after Livadia's defeat, they brought him in and turned him back. You can see it in the way they play, they'll celebrating, and the world that has been re-captured, is the continuation of the team.

Aris has given a "brush" to Europe, and there is a need for sustainability to protect this place not only but also to do it; running from the 4th due to & # 39; and Atromitos will take him at his head. The two will also win a & # 39; Give the calm, lost at a time so that the coach works easier in areas of the game that wants further development now that the strengthening is complete. Work in statistical levels, development of an aggressive development plan, integration of new wrestling. But working with his throat and laughter came back the joy.

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