Thursday , February 27 2020
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Amazing steps for the Metro for Monday

Increased traffic measures throughout the Territory in London, with the aim of citizen mobility and the prevention of road accidents and collisions.

According to ELAS, the design of the measures includes:

Road traffic by category, based on the specific traffic situations of each section.

Increasing police presence and improved development work on road signs where road collisions are frequent.

Increase Traffic Processing measures at centers of induction of urban centers, where there are large traffic vehicles.

Traffic controllers at main struggles to prevent density.

Establishment of general and special investigations (specifically for the detection of dangerous offenses, such as long distance, drunk driving, irregular oversight, etc., as well as statistical offenses are responsible for serious road accidents, such as the use of mobile phones as long as they drive).

Increasing traffic measures in areas where there is a large route of passengers (airports, ports, stations, etc.).

Traffic regulations in places where events can take place.

Present traders at tax stations to provide traffic, information and advice to drivers and passengers.

Communicating citizens through the news offices when it is essential for the public to provide information on any traffic and other problems.

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