"Bam" from Nokia! First phone with five cameras! video, pics

Published: 12.04.2019 | 23:03

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Nokia comes back ahead of a mobile phone, launching a totally innovative module in the marketplace!

The Nokia 9 PureView, the world's first five camera giant, is available today. In particular, as described in today's announcement, Nokia 9 PureView, the smart mobile device promoted by HMD Global, a representative of Nokia's mobile phone company, the world's first smartphone with five cameras by ZEISS Optics innovating in computer design the next generation available with photo friends, available from April 12, 2019 in retail outlets and mobile operators, t in blue and the sale price of 699 euros. Nokia

According to the newsletter, those who buy it will benefit from the three presents offered by their smartphone: Nokia True Wireless earbuds (129.90 euros), a three-month warranty extension and Nokia 9 PureView.

Five cameras together "delivering" the perfect picture with Nokia 9 PureView

As mentioned in the message, all images by Nocta 9 PureView HDR and the five cameras by ZEISS Optics work together to get the perfect picture, as the Nokia 9 PureView makes them in a 12MP image with a dynamic range. distant and depthless field acre, showing details of areas with strong sunlight and shadow reflection. Designed to reflect the needs of photo-lovers, Nokia 9 PureView has the ability to take images from the "DNG" RAW format, which is not compressed, and can be edited directly using the phone because of conversations. work with Adobe Lightroom. It has been suggested that 50% of post-production art design and Nokia 9 PureView have the opportunity to be honest.

The Nokia PureView comes with the Android One 9 Pie that offers the latest innovations and the android knowledge like AI, a changing battery, app activities, google helper and google images. The first deployment of storage takes place to be very good and will bring monthly three-year security updates and two major updates on operating systems, including Prote Play Google, which will add more than 50 billion keep in each day to keep them. your phone is safe from mischief, leaving it as one of the safest phones in the market

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