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Count down the change of time – When do we watch hours ahead – Newsbomb – News

The change in period after 2021 was elected by the European Parliament Transport Committee.

In particular, with 23 votes in favor and 11 against, the Transport and Tourism Committee concluded that the timing change should be halted Last Sunday of March 2021 EU countries wanting to keep the summer time permanently, and for Member States who want winter time, t change happening the last Sunday in October of the same year.

Countries have a margin until April 2020 decide when they will decide.

We will recall the events of February 2018 that the European Parliament has called for its European Commission in a resolution to t Carry out a detailed evaluation of current guidance on summer arrangements and recommend proposals for revision.

The Commission launched a public consultation in summer 2018, including 4.6 million European citizens, of which 84% wanted to stop half-yearly changes, and 16% against it.

On 12 September 2018, t European Commission they have submitted a bid to halt the quarterly changes in 2019, but the Parliament decides to decide the two-year member states.

Meeting of the Committee on Transport and Tourism it should also be agreed by the full session of the European Parliament in Strasbourgso the negotiations with the EU Council (including the 27 responsible) will then begin.

When the time changes, the time changes

But until this happens, t at dawn on Sunday 31 March 2019 we must turn all our watches an hour later.

Specifically, at 3:00 on the last Sunday of March, we return our watch to view 04:00.

The time has always changed on the last Sunday in March (hours ahead) and on the last Sunday in October (once again).

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