Elections in Turkey – All results. As Erdogan won Turkey but lost the cities that are responsible


Victory or defeat for Erdogan? The results of the urban elections in Turkey as set out on 1 April to reflect the complexity of the party's president. AKP along with the MHP de Devete Bahcelli to reduce their overall rates across the country, both in comparison with the last parliamentary and city elections. But, at the same time, Erdogan, as well as the third largest city in Turkey, lost Smyrna, the lost cause, for Ankara for the first time since 1994, and the blow is pulling out. around the town where the heart of the country is hit, Constantinople.

And as is shown anyway in the case of the last ones, if it is at last AKP it doesn't matter; everything will be decided in the judge as the government officials had been waiting.

The AKP in the last elections in 2018 earned 42.56% and MPH 11.10% and on the basis of this consortium we were able to regulate the National Assembly of Turkey. Together the two organizations believed it 53.66% of the votes. at last the last town elections in 2014 the two parties won 45.5% and 15.21% of the vote.

Now the number of voting votes in urban areas even 95% t The party in London was responsible for 44.42% of the vote and for that MHP Betsel wins 7.25%. Together, the Coalition's two parties' coalition brings together 51.67 per cent of the votes.

The Daily Sabah / Anadolu Group

The Daily Sabah / Anadolu Group

The decrease in national rates, based on the 2018 elections, is very small as it is around 2%. In particular, considering the climate in Turkey in recent years, with thousands of military prisons, judges, minds, activists, fear of climate, great botany, etc., T somebody said the Turks had turned their back on Airdrie and lost.

However, what makes it a special person Coldness for Ardgay is the huge loss of the coastal party's share – unlike the center of Turkey and of course not just the loss of Smyrna but also Ankara for the first time after it emerged. T the nation's leadership in 1994. t

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The loss of Constantinople (although the separation is now for AKP) will be immensely high as the town has been particularly important in terms of both its political and political background. However, the state of the economy seems to be more expensive than the state of political violence that is cleansing the country over recent years.

The Daily Sabah / Anadolu Group

Particularly Istanbul where the candidate is the Prime Minister of the country, Binali Yildirim, is, in fact, a loss or pirate influence, a loss caused by the governing party and Tayyip Erdogan himself.

It should be noted that the two candidates Yildirim and Hreem Imamoglu nominated Constantinople the winning CHP opposition party by showing different results without ending the count. Shortly afterwards, the results revealed an impact for Imamoglu, there was a new movement with Yildirim with 48.7% and the CHP claimant achieving 48.65% of votes with 98.79%. From that moment for several hours, refreshing the results was slow to move backwards.

Sabah Daily / Anadolu

Interior Ankara, Turkey's second CHP candidate, Mansour Yawas, is said to be the second largest town in Turkey, with a figure of almost 51%, and the UK average. Smyrna, the third largest, is going to the one CHP candidate, Tunds Soyer with a 58% saber.

Sabah Daily / Anadolu

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Based on the results for over 95% of the votes counted in the cities, AKP wins 16 city towns, CHP 10, and three gets a pro-Kurdish party, HDP for the left.

The results are in 10 Turkish cities (over and above the top three): t

Bursa: AKP with 49.6%

Adana: CHP with 53.25%

Gaziantep: AKP with 53.99%

Powder: AKP with 7.69%

Antalya: CHP with 50.36%

Kayseri: ACR with 63.4%

Mersin: CHP with 45.3%

Eskisehir: CHP with 52.26%

Diyarbakir: HDP with 62.96%

Samsun: ACR with 47.51%.

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