Euroleague live, Olympiacos-Real 27-22 (1st period)

The weekend for Olympiakos will be completed by a & # 39; a European anti-European Championship home match, which is the Reds for the first round (20:45, Novasports 1)

In Munich, he completed the negative series of three losses … … and sink, but tonight Olympiacos is one of the biggest challenges, at the season, and if he is sure that the Union will be the best enjoyable for continuing Vice-

The Reds are getting the Madrid Real Madrid Real Madrid, counting 8s winning in a number of games, and # 39; power confirmation this year, but it came to Piraeus that three chief executives, Yul, Ayojun, and Kuzmits who stayed in Madrid as a result of their injuries.

Look at the development of the race through THIS MARGIN.

The Spaniards were ahead of 2-7, but the Spanoulis entry was changed and the Reds ran 9-0 at 6-0 at 6:30! Olympiacos 16-9 reached the Spanoulis and 21-14 three-dimensional three-point points of Papanikolaou to reduce Taylor in the same way to 21-17 and move closer to 22-20. However, Lundei put three points and they put the difference again to +7 (27-20)

Delegation of the Sreten Radovic (Croatia) game, Oleg Lativez (Latvia) and Marios Majic (Slovenia).

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Darussafa – Anadolu Efes (19:15)
Olympiacos – Real (20:45)

Maccabi – Fenerbahce (21:05)
Grand Canaria – Bayern (22:30)

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