Evelina Papoulias: Exhibition for the duration of the series "Two Xenoi" | With music and news

People and Fani Plattsatoura spoke Evelina Papoulias. The actor also mentioned the sublime "Two Xenoi" series, which changed everything at that time.

An extract from her interview is continuing Evelina Papoulias

In my opinion the "Marina Kountouratos" comes with the two strangers. Would you like to live again?

Why not? Greetings, The tale of two Dwarfs has given me a sense of not being new I remember as I was now myself, I was heavy. I did not catch this, it was very strict. Think for ten minutes that I need an hour long from the world that stopped me regularly on the road. There was uproar. Right, because it was a good sail. To this day, these comedy rarely comes out on television.

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