Facebook will pay 22 million Zuckerberg security payments! | Plus: International

In fact, the cost the company paid for personal security built more than … $ 22 million in 2018!

According to Skynews, the figure reached 22.6 million dollars and was twice the previous year in 2017, when Mark Zuckerberg and his family received 9 million euro for personal security. dollars.

In order for the company to defend the decisions on Zuckerberg's security costs, he said, "Mark is the same thing as Facebook. As a result, any feel that comes to the company is automatically associated with him. . "

The rise in Mark Zuckerberg's cost comes safely arriving that Facebook is getting the basic amount of cloud that might be dangerous. of Mayhem in New Zealand.

A Facebook founder, like many other operators of the company, receives a basic salary … 1 dollar (!), According to Skynews. But, despite his own survival, Zuckerberg remains one of the richest men in the world, with a fortune of more than $ 70 billion.

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