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"Finish" Dudic Kugja from AEL! – Football – Super League – Larisa

Milos Drulic … finally from AEL, with a personal decision by Alexis Kugia, as the owner of the Thessalian Club, today decides that the Serbian severity will be on its borders for a & # 39 ; continue and to the end of the season.

Le Kuga, you can enter the details of this decision, leaving clear spices to Dender and his / her; Handle co-operation in both sides without renewal!

Analyzing the … important position of a large partner of the "red sea":

"Congratulate everyone for the work against a very important team from the success of Karageorgiou, and we hope the next season will be in Super League.

Unfortunately, there are alcoholic mistakes throughout the season and horrible that runs with yellow and red cards on the last 6 games to leave us to Europe.

We are at least equal to those who run from Europe.

We have 6 matches for the end of the war and we must all be a port and in our mind that there is only AEL now and the future and not how we use it in our own interest .

Since today, my personal decision was withdrawn from training and games with the Milos Deltic football player.

In Dender, who wants everything to AEL, I made a personal suggestion for the renewal of his contract for a further three years from the previous season and with a number of free guns we retired short.

For Drulic, it was suggested that it would be transcribed by one of the largest football teams in the & # 39; Greece, with great benefits to AEL and when I got up to my office in Athens on Thursday, he removed it due to a problem named by his new manager, proved to be a AEL's enemy and creator of the famous Giannakis, former EPO driver, has the Grammen government decided to reimburse 350,000 euros without court order.

We face multi-faceted multi-faceted struggle with prominent and depressing enemies facing and a Greek football backdrop and we will re-enter a & # 39; influencing the presence of slaves in Larissa, especially in special media.

Especially in Larissa, Trikala and Karditsa fell down very sad, because we all affected our loss.

There are administrative, property, football players, coaches, carers and activists, as well as thousands of healthy, wild, supporters and do not want them to have any doubts about anyone in The rooms change and just AEL.

I thank Derek for what he has done in the last few years in our team for the three goals of the crackdown against Lamia, 2 against Apollo and 1 against Panathinaikos in 90 games with our team and I am I wish him all the success of his team, who has won a cheap, cheap season in Lamia!

He is finally finishing martyrdom on football players in the Piladakis gold range, Despite the great efforts to be developed by Michalis Green and Ulysses Grammen.

We are sure that the State, Minister Vasiliades and Admiral or Larissa Admiral will appear in the elections after two months to solve this difficult, eliminating both racing and economy ".

New In Bayern Munich – Liverpool, you can choose which team that matches the best decisions! Terms and conditions.


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