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«Foneas» and Olympiacos the Peristeri! – Basketball – Greece – Olympic Basketball – Olympiacos

The … great suffering!

After Panathinaikos, he switched Olympiacos to his knees at Peristeri, as the Argyris Pedoulakis team won (81-76) so they are still alive to enter the fourth.

Bentley was the first winner. There were 15 points in the fourth season, with Vassilopoulos making a double with 11 points and 10 rebels, and Aborvan and Daniel had 10 points.

Of the players Piraeus, Prartezis was his first 17-point player, by Weber on 13 and Williams-Gos 12.

The game

Olympiakos suffered a hit in the beginning of the Peristeri racket, resulting in 9-3 being the first two minutes, and a three point point he went to +8 (15-7). Then the Blatt players pushed them more and beat Milutinov in the paintings which the game brought to 16-16. But, in the last three minutes, the Serb center was removed to relax, with the hoteliers taking part in the aggressive rebels (after unresolved LeTeye) so the end was finally revealed. the first time in +3 (22- 19).

With a Tip on either side of the floor, Olympiacos introduced in 5-0 in the first two minutes of the second row for its own direction (22-24). Peristeri responded and continued (28-24), with Argyris Pedoulakis continuing complexity in the attack, as Weber was the only person to get a score from the "red-white" (37-32). ). Then there were guests in charge of Agravani, who sent them to +6 (42-36), and went to the lock-room (45-39).

Vasilopoulos's three points added to +9 (48-39) at the beginning of the second half. Olympiakos reacted again to Weber in the attack, but the guests had a five-point difference (52-47), which they held up to half. Three points Besenkov took the game to the basket (52-50), but Milutinov was "loaded" with sight and after the "red" raetet, the west side team went to + 7 (57-50). Predezis tried to keep the Piraeus, but they still had defenses … sports and so Perister finished the third season at +7 (63-56).

Olympiakos continued to strike through the rocket, coming to -3 (67-64) at 33; Then Milutinov was fifth, but Tuapan made the difference in the basket (69-67), at 34. ' Then Peristeri took advantage of Serb's absenteeism and the Bentle-terrorist rebels went to +5 (74-69) at 36. ' With the basket and press of Williams-Gos, the Piraeus team re-entered the podpisto (74-72), but despite their defensive defenses he made three unsuccessful points in the following attacks. by Bentleys responding to the +5 (77- 72) at 38 & # 39 ;. Then the side of the house made three-thirds of the line, after a serious dilemma on William-Gos, for +6 (80-74), and it was almost "locked out". the effect for the Peristeri resulting from the last 81-76 account.

The ten minutes: 22-19, 45-39, 63-56, 81-76

Peristeri (Pedoulakis): Mouratos 2, Skordilis 6, Vassilopoulos 11 (2), Gray 9, Kallahan 9 (3), Philippaos, Agravanis 10 (2), Bendil 15 (1), Daniel 10, Karabelas, Moore 9.

Olympiacos (Blatt): 17, Milutinov 5, Papanicolau 5 (1), Williams-Gos 12 (1), Weber 13, Vesenkov 10 (2), Bogris, Mantzaris 1, Toupan 6 (1), Letente 7.

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