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Forecasts of the weather: "Alarm" by meteorologists

04/02/19 • 23:53 UPD 04/02/19 • 23:55

A new wave of weather will be sweeping the country from Thursday, and # 39; cold water, wind, snow, dust and windy winds.

Substitution of a large amount of African molecules to the atmosphere, which give rise to low defenses, include the low level that comes to our country from North Africa, according to weather repression from a meteorological service at the Athens National Observatory (NASA).

Bad weather affects its & # 39; Greece during the two days of Tuesday and Wednesday, most of our central, southern and southern parts, where there are big issues. From Thursday weather "Do" the philosophy will gradually weaken, and long; On Friday they will be restricted to the eastern areas.

Especially, for Tuesday Clouds with waters in the East Peloponnese, central Sterea and Thessaly and storms in the southwest Ionian side. The waters and storms in Peloponnese (most of the southern regions), the Southian, the Southwest Aegean and West Crete are reinforced and they will, extending north-east gradually, & nbsp; affecting the rest of the southern Aegean and central Middle and East Stereo (which includes Attica) and Evia.

The philosophy in the areas above will be in particular and will be accompanied by local electric and female activity, and there will be heavy snow in the Peloponnese and mid-eastern mountains; center. The winds in the seas will be greatly strengthened and they will blow in North Aegean from northwest wind, 8 beaufort, and stormy, 9 guides as long as it is in the Central Egean and Southern north to northwest, almost windless, 6-7 beaufort, Southwest Aegean and in a short time in Central Aegean, locally stormy to very wind, 8-9 beaufort. Ionian winding winds winds from the east to strong winds, 6-7 beauforts, and Ionian wind center, 8 beaufort.

Onwards Wednesday rain and rain are largely expected on the eastern side of the country, where Central Sterea, Thessaly and the East Aegean islands are strong locally. Snow is forecast in the mountain areas of the mountains. Sweabaidh na gaothan in North Aegean from the northeast direction, almost wind to wind, 7-8 beaufort, and in the South Aegean from the south-east, mid-eastern direction, 5-6 away.

According to the weather statements currently available at NCA-meteo, an Thursdaylocal and local rain and storms occur in the center and south, with magnificent local funs in Crete. In the morning, dust deposits in the atmosphere are particularly high. The winds will be strong north, mostly windy, 6-7 beauforts, and the temperature will fall.

What do the meteorologists say?

O Icon for Sakis Arnaoutoglou, says on his social media page: "Take care of it! Bad weather on Tuesday 5/2 and mostly from midnight and most in the southern part of the dishes and storms and after a day of wind conditions! (Click on the projection maps for more information on when the most stringent and anticipated philosophies are expected to be explained at top)!

Note! Bad weather on Tuesday 5/2 a lot from midnight and most in the & # 39; the south end of the waters and …

Posted by Sakis Arnaoutoglou Sakis Arnaoutoglou on Monday 4 February 2019

O Yiannis Kallianos, between different things, on his social media page, he says: "WELCOME WHO ARE THE HISTORIC HISTORIANS DONE

From Tuesday and then (and at least Thursday) the weather is very unavailable for most countries. But what causes me to start a bad weather (Tuesday evening) suddenly encountered by dangerous storms.


According to the latest preliminary, the afternoon of Tuesday will start water in southern Greece and quickly (to Wednesday morning) that has affected most of the country's areas. The fear is that the storms become very intense in the southern Ionian, Peloponnese, Sterea (including Attica) and possibly in Evia and parts of Thessaly.


As I said, from Tuesday to Wednesday morning some of the rural rooms that are likely to be tough with the storms and are expected to record much water. These sections are:
– South Ionian
– Peloponnese
– Central Greece
– Attica and Evia
– Thessaly ".

WELFARE HIS HISTORIC EVENTS From Tuesday and then (and until Thursday …

Posted by Giannis Kallianos on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Analyze the weather Tuesday:


Weather: Original rainfall with light waters. From afternoons the water will be reinforced and storms in places are particularly strong.
Winds: From sailings to the east of 6 to 7 and gradually 8 localities are very tough.
Temperature: from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius.


Weather: Slightly, which will increase from evening and local breezes, and from storms during the night, especially in the morning; sea ​​and on shore. Clearly visible visually or fog in the morning.
Winds: North East 4 to 5, gradually to 6pm and 7pm locally locally.
Temperature: From 6 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Macedonia, Thrace

Time Day Night Weather Conditions Light Cloud Light Cloud Temperature (° C / ° F) 10 ° C 50 ° F (Likely Low) High Between ° C 36 ° F to ° C 46 ° F to 16 ° C 50 ° F Wind Speed ​​(mph km) Clearly visible locally, especially in the morning to see fog too.
Winds: North East East 4 to 5, gradually to the east 6 and afternoon 7 to 8 beaufort.
Temperature: from 5 to 16 degrees Celsius. In Macedonia, the West 3 to 4 is a lower degree.

Ionian Islands, Epirus, West Sterea, Western Peloponnese

Time Day Night Weather Conditions Light Cloud Temperature (° C / ° F) ° C 50 ° F (Likely High) Low Between ° C 36 ° F to 10 ° C 50 ° F Wind Speed ​​(° C / ° F) strong. In the evenings, snow will be kept in the Peloponnese Hills, which will dry during the night.
Winds: From the sailings to the east of 7 to 8 and in the Ionian department of 9 beaufort.
Temperature: Between 9 to 18 degrees Celsius. In Epirus in places 3 to 5 a lower degree.

Thessaly, East Sterea, Evia, Peloponnese to the east

Time Day Night Weather Conditions Partly Cloudy Evening and from the south end the waters are consolidated and storms in places are particularly strong initially in the Peloponnese and from hours the evening in East Sterea. Local snowfall will be held in the Peloponnese mountains and in the middle of Sterea.
Winds: In the northeast of the north east of the east to the 7th and from the 8 to 9 night. In the south-east end of the south-east 8-9 they turn to the southwest of the night and they will go to the southwest; weakened.
Temperature: From 10 to 17 degrees Celsius. On the north side 2 to 4, a lower degree.

Cyclades, Crete

The weather: Small clouds that will gradually dry and day-to-day; Waters and storms, locally occur from evening in Crete and at night in the Cyclades. From the end of the night and from the south, the philosophy will weaken.
Winds: South East East 7 to 8 and 9 who turn to the southwest of the night and they will weakened.
Temperature: from 10 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Eastern Isles Aegean, Dodecanese

Weather: A slight thunder that dries gradually and after the evening there will be waters and storms in strong venues at night.
Winds: In the north east of north-east 6 to 8 beaufort. In the south east, south east 8 to 9 and afternoons, 10 localities are very similar.
Temperature: from 12 to 19 degrees Celsius.

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