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Google is reviving streaming (vid) | Plus: Technology

Google unveiled a digital video video platform called Stadia where you can play live online games with a better match than the games where someone has to download or download the game from disc.

Users will be able to use Stadia from any device such as a desktop or laptop, tablet, TV (with Chromecast), and a smart cell phone by visiting the Chrome or YouTube browsing program.

Google has introduced a new stadia dedicated wireless manager, who also has a button for the game to communicate directly with YouTube. It is also recognized that the Doom Eternal video game will be one of the first available through Stadia.

The new platform, which needs to benefit from Google's cloud computing power, and its global datacenter network, starts in 2019 in the USA, most of Europe and Canada, as has been the case. T recite. His show at an event in San Francisco, according to the BBC and Reuters organization.

So far, video streaming has often been a problem with the problem of playing online game via the internet. Players complain that they have time to react to action in response to the reaction to that motion, which is devastating when the reactions in second fractions distinguish between effects and loss.

In an attempt to overcome this problem, Google identified that the stop administrator will have a connection with the company's guests, whatever the user's physical hardware. Google promised that the new service will offer games 4K high and future 8K.

Google wants to create supplies between Stadia and a YouTube party link, where hundreds of millions of people watch video games each day. So someone who sees the video of play on YouTube will be able to push the special stadium governor button and start playing in a few seconds.

At the moment, Google does not find information about its pricing policy (and whether there is a subscription) or the "menu" of games available, which will be a mixture of games. and new ones.

Google has been welcomed by the video community, but some have warned so that the company knows how much Stadia and their senior manager will cost, what games they play, what games they play. how easy and costly the development of new Stadium and other games will be.

Researchers, however, have decided that if games played by land are thanks to Google's new campaign, a traditional games competition such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will be under competition.

The best selling area in the Google Online Store is video games with Android apps. In 2018, a sell-out $ 21.5 billion of toys, according to Sensor Tower research company, sold against a value of $ 33 billion of toys sold through their Apple online shops.

At the same time, playing is the tallest series of people who visit YouTube, but it's struggling hard with the Twitch's twist on what is by far the biggest using video games.

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