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Hammer on SKAI: "Survivor" – When is it permanently "cut" (pics)

In the Faliro Channel, the Survivor is deeply disturbed, despite the final audience's efforts.

The television listeners have turned his back on to survival and it seems that his favorite MasterChef to Star, who also visits the numbers, is back.

SKAI's head office is in the hands of Azuan Iljzali. The Turkish producer pledged to upload the TV production to give money to the station and improve the sufferer's life. However, the situation is immense. Dalaka and Ogunstoto, who have entered the game, have just lifted the numbers, but it appears that the audience is not sure about the result.

For the management of the SKAI, Survivor is almost always a topic of discussion. The cost of production is very impossible for the channel and the relatively low level of loss.

So what will the Faliro channel?

The decision was taken and information will be advertised in the next few weeks. As they all say, Survivor will be cut out too soon.

View the Gallery below when Survivor finishes:



Developments in SKAI will be important in the next few years.

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