He finished a week in the Bologna poem

Why doctors have visited the President of Brazil?

Jacques Bolsonar's health has come on and Brazil's president has not built a fever, but he is still in a care unit, and doctors have limited tours, the spokesman said today, date. a president will be discharged from the hospital.

63 year old Bolsonaros was given last week to "successful" surgery where surgeons removed their chostostomy lease after attacking him with a knife in last September.

In a statement issued by doctors at Albert Einstein Hospital in the south east of Braas, they said that Bologna's health has been improved in the last 24 hours without suffering or fever.

From the hospital, the president of Brazil sent down the importance of the # 39; Publications are saying that they are suffering from operational difficulties, saying that its revival is "completely".

The president has just fled from an attack during the election campaign on 6 September 2018 in Minas Gerais.

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