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A lovely football afternoon of these handsome people who don't forget the lights and switch the good old days to us. AEK hasn't remembered many years ago, but has started to recall things from last year. It was a nice year. After Callan lost his … 2-0 respect 2 And it is clear that Manolos made decisions.

Regardless of what Hymeneth herself does, or else means a clear decision has been made and we are seeing a result. The pressure fell. This may have originated in Manolos's confidence in defending … so she invested money for his safety. He set up the triple as if the enemy were playing and attacking it all over the place and always. And beyond that, with the good middle level of the pitch and any tricks to reach the goal. There is clear and sustained progress.

Initially a PAO was a reluctant football view, but also as a level provision and as a result. However, there were two elements we identified at that time, despite the general memory of AEK's image. The drive to even the last tinted, even godless, and complete barka cabinet security is just one step.

In Peristeri there were improvements in production, AEK was eventually given its target but was based on his high- pressure defenses and major development in the center of the defenses. He made a personal mistake, Oikonomou, saved by Barka, and finally with Warda and the important Tsosic cut.

With Panetoliko, of course, who was the smartest of the three teams, despite the missing Tsigrinski, who are considered to be defensive columns, AEK had no danger at all. And if I even lived 1-0 I'd be so glad that AEK would make a professional difference with the aims of a fixed marina for years now. In fact, the 4-0 teams performed a lot more beautiful although the Della team wasn't just a high score.

However, it came natural to have access to Mandalou who had just started playing directly, with only Kristicitz's first choice options for theft, along with Boege t , the first time was successful in 11. The next 3 were players with 3 players each, to make sense of the difference the Serb makes in the vital part of the attack attack.

The unrestricted heads, Clonaridis on the right with Manolos, had been seriously abused – to prove the forecast that we would see Victor and, indeed, Hult. They lose on the right or the two, but they are both amazing, and Lopez and Galo are also there. I think this is perhaps Clonaridis's situation because Victor really wants to be comfortable. Sounds like a good … to climb.

As the whole team were playing high level defenses the main defenders were totally capable as they had to rule out errors or omissions of others. I was delighted for Oikonomou because he is not Vrani but is a good defender and nice nice, Bakakis is the reason the team is good at playing with three back but my shield has made me think for a reason.

Not everybody he knew did not know that he was his first league game as a basic man. He wants work, but not even 22. It is enough that the team only visited 4 Ponce. But everything from the defense began. And so the thing will come to an end. From the start of the season it had not been a strategic option, but it has been highlighted from settings such as coach changes. And because he works it is the best thing.

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