Hong Kong: The model that has been captured by a cocaine can speak for her & her; first time in prison – Society

The 22-year-old model that was arrested 15 months ago in Hong Kong with 2.6 kilograms of luggage, "broke out" through her lawyer, Saki Kehagioglou.

She always says that she invaded her Roman friend from Mytilene, along with another Roman descendant, asking her to travel with them to Hong Kong, making his first stop at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Her sweetheart told her that she would continue on the trip, giving her a little bag for her clothes – as she said to her – she had bought her at a & # 39; this post. According to her, tell her friend she would leave the next day as there was a question about how to do it; issuing your passport.

Hong Kong's customs control for the first time – according to the application – double base to & # 39; sack with the drugs to carry it. "I was a mammal when they showed me the test, why would I have a cocaine with me?" She says.

Commenting on his arrest contracts, Irene reports that prison women have been well received from her. first minute. "They sang me in English and" many years. "God knows I'm innocent, it's Calm that I'm going through and there's a solution," he says.

The test is expected to start the Hong Kong High Court model on 15 March and last a week. Both their parents and their Greek lawyer, who are considering returning as a defense witness. The headquarters of Hong Kong airport office is considered to be the destination.

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