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Published: 28.02.2019 | 07:30

Thanasis Papadis

The debtors in the property and the tax authorities were & # 39; expecting them and how they would hold the 120 installments to go back, but the Commission gave us the report … they told us they had to wait, unidentified for what.

And perhaps his subject change for the tax authorities been good expected, since he was bankruptcy on a Private Sprockets, but a & # 39; case with case insurance Property, instead thunderbolt there courteousAfter the 120 dolls going … walking.

Indeed, the government was planning to introduce the 120 installments into the House with the First Home Protection Act in the coming days. This will not happen, and as long as the ministry says that it will come directly, it is in disturbed For those who expected to benefit from this rule.

As mentioned in the relevant settings report de lenders, an circumstances long time debt the public they should not go on too adversely affect public circumstancesSouth Westerly

As mentioned not to refuse with anyonethe Greek government has told institutions that it does not expect any changes to the debt repayment system to the tax office or future insurance fund"It is clear that the government uses two languages, one for both inside and one for the outside.

The objectives for direct debt debts to insurance insurance increased, and recently, just last week, both Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos as well as the Deputy Minister to his Prime Minister Dimitris Liakos has said ruled debt h mph East North Easterly tax authorities he is coming AprilSouth Westerly

However, the Commission left nothing for his head and made a series of horrible ideas.

  • The significant increase in the minimum wage can influence the economics of the economy, when the export and export of the country's exports can be revived, and level of unwanted staff.
  • The Greek authorities who are strongly invited to follow the legal conclusions of the re-active bids and take equal steps, as appropriate, within the framework Mead-Time Financial Strategy ProgramNext to the extent that judgments of judgment imply structural measures are agreed under the program, they should be addressed through reforms or measures within the same policy frameworkThe Post The budget only spent the "justification" of gift bids to the public to 1.3% of GDP or around EUR 2.4 billion.
  • There is a risk that the expense of salary costs will be due to recruitment (mainly with fixed term contracts) but also due to the special remedy reserved for Ministry of Finance staff .
  • The tax reduction fee duty duty should be checked so that the tax base can be found (this reduction is a loss of € 650 for each taxpayer).
  • The extension of the term of application of lower VAT rates to the five Aegean islands was an "important commitment under the ESM program".
  • There was an increase in the cost of the amazing social region from 710 to 782 million euros. The reasons for exploring this broadcaster should be.

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