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Local community in Dafnoula is struggling to cause trouble in Andritsaina suicide a 80-year-old who had not lost his wife and wife it was hanging. Just minutes before the end of the period, she called the service office and told his manager to go …

Oh old people, as it says ilialive.grin distress, and with anxiety caused by the loss of his beloved companions, he chose the end of his day when he was six months old since she died and a day before his six-month memories.

The session office holder in Krestena, Dimitris Argyropoulos, explained only what they said during their phone call, shortly before the end of 80 years.

The touching and deeply felt

"It took me on a Saturday morning at 6:22 and he asked if he awoke. I answered" I haven't "and followed him, saying," you can wake up and work. " .. Mr Argyropoulos said.

"I want you to give me a favor," said he, "if I can do so much," I said.

"Go to a pair of pants, find a piece of paper and give it to my daughter," he said.

"What are the trousers? Why is it not giving this note, is it dead?" I asked.

"He tells me" I won't kill him. "" It's not right what you are thinking about doing, try and do it, "I told him to try and change it." What am I telling you to come to the house? 39 I asked not to make a mess, ”replied the 80-year-old,“ and you can't get anyone to worry, ”he said,“ and the owner of the cell has gone.

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The conversation lasted one minute and 22 seconds. As soon as the phone finished, the old man, Dimitris Argyropoulos, came back and got back again, to get confused, twice, without the old man taking it up. Continue 6:25 He called on the police to contact the police, a few hours after they had died on the balcony of his house, after they had chosen to die by hanging.

"It was everything, the money for getting his funeral, and even the home insurer was lit up so that we didn't get cold when we got there, to get it." he had fallen out … " Argyropoulos.

The man will lose

Girl 80 years Sunday he had his wife's sewers and he seems to have apologized. "It seems he'd sent a class just before it left. It seemed to be unorganized. It was relaxed in our interactions with his slavery," Mr Argyropoulos explained, t the funeral took place 80 years on 30 September and thought that the old people had old and wickedly lost their minds. .

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