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In the ATP Belgian League Championships in 2020! – Sports – Tennis

In detail, the EFFO publication:

"Sports Deputy Minister, Mr. George Vassiliadis, President of the Hellenic Hellenes Tharra Federation. Mr Spyros Zannia, meeting yesterday (19/02/2019). ; conversation at the 250 ATP competition in Greece.

The collaborative opportunities between the State and the Private Department were debated, to achieve the necessary resources for the organization. As a first priority, the Panathinaikon Stadium was introduced into communications with the Tennis Tennis Club as a theme of culture and sporting comment.

President EFAA Mr Spyros Zannias informed the relevant agencies, the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Tourism Ministry, Department of Attica and Municipality of Athens, for the contribution to the event, as other major sporting events. At the same time,

The Main Business Companies said they were interested in supporting the event, as is the current situation with Stefanos Tsitsypas and the general development of Tennis in Greece and, Creating conditions for the visibility of Hellenic Country and Sport.

President of Hellenic Federation of Greece Spyros Capralos, Minister, Mrs Elena Kountoura, Attica Regional Governor and Ms. Rena Dourou, were positively advocated to call the Hellenic Hellenes Abroad Convention (EPHA). for what they are adding to & # 39; big tennis competition. According to the expectation, the support of City of Athens, despite Mr Spyros Zannia's huge effort to communicate and capture.

The President of the Tennis Club of Athens Mr Stathis Stamatopoulos also decided to provide resources to his / her; A group at the war concert. Business Clubs have become more aware of the Panathenaic Park Competition behaviors.

President Spyros Zannias said that, if there is any kind of license, the second option is the Olympic tools of OAKA, and the third option is the Heraklion resources at Dora Aorakia.

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