Interview with an incredible interview Triantafyllo for Theodoridou – German left (video)

Trigonaphyllos's statements have been shown "Not better" a few days ago about their relationship with Natasa Theodoridou.

He spoke in the week he spent in Nest Kou Kou about the case created by saying that "I was coming again once a car to get me off, as there was no car I was too young to go home. I do not know how this happened and it was like this. I do not know if it was cut, something happened wrong. "

Fotini Petrogianni was "responded" by focusing on the "Best Not Being" as an unidentified part of the interview, and then jumped to the TV platform about what the singer did with Natalia Germans saying he was not; means something cunning.

"I want to leave Mary. I want to go to my studio room now and lock me for a while, He asked Natalia Germanou to find out about her dark questions,

"Do you want me to come together," one on the way "?" Kostas Tsouros said she was laughing and her. Following, "I did not mean Natalia, I was going to drink coffee."

"I appreciate Natasha too much to understand that presentation, at least as an exhibition. Triantaphyllos will do what he wants and it will be wrong if he does not. # 39; I got it, of course. But she says we did not have any love. I want you to give ads. I'll go, I'll go to the restaurant to get a medal ", said Natalia Germanou and rose to leave his post.

See what happened on the air:

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