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It started to increase to EMUI 9.0

RESTRICTED 8X: To go up to EMUI 9.0

EMUI 9.0, a new HONOR interface, is available for HONOR 8X from mid March. Users are given HOTA updates up to 11 April. EMUI 9.0 is based on Android 9.0 Pie and provides a technological tool that makes the system “smarter”, easy and easy to use and gives users the best possible sense of security, understanding and understanding. falsehood, and the overall potential of the device.

PasswordVault is one of the key innovations in EMUI 9.0, which will provide greater security for user data and password. The update also enables false understanding for the users of the HiVision tool – an application that helps travel, translate and purchase through AugmentedReality (building the facts). The modified software also includes WirelessProjecting, which strengthens the wireless connection to the screen. Users can display easily and smoothly displays, photographs, videos and / or games on larger screens through the smartphone.

More to see, more to see

EMUI 9.0 is designed to make the device faster, "cleaner" and easier to use. The new version overall rises 12.9% and decreases significantly at the start of the application. The new Navigation system has reduced 10% of all EMU installations, making it easier to use. NaturalUX natural design of EMUI 9.0 will also ensure that sustainability of the habitat environment is incremental, spurious and encouraging.


It is one of Honor 8X's most popular instruments. It combines advanced advanced technologies and state-of-the-art design. Includes the minimalist design, COF technology (film), major 6.5-inch full-screen presentation with a screen body partner 91%, Integrated Information camera, Turbo GPU and double weft 2.5D Aurora glass body . In Greece, you will find it in the PLAISIO and COSMOTE – GERMANOS shops.

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