Katerina Stiikidis: The exciting time to capture Dimitra Galani (video)

H Katerina Stikoudi BBC for the other websites Your Face sounds familiarSouth Westerly

The explosive singer was changed to … Dimitra Galani and was damaged at her ANT1South Westerly

We do not know like Dimitra Galani

Mar Dimitra Galani appear on the YFSF site no Katerina Stikoudi. The well-known singer interpreted the song well "Two days only" and left it language judges, in particular with his password.

"I do not believe it" Mime Denisis said, when Katerina Stikoudi came to the scene, with Giorgos Mazonakis answering: "Unbelievable, I do not believe it either"South Westerly

At the end of the song, Mime Denis kissed her to find out how "No", as long as Giorgos Mazonakis added "We have left no speech"South Westerly

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When Katerina Stikoudi drew the mask

Instagram's funny Katerina Stetiki wins a funny video while she was in a while; throwing the silicone fire and palement was painted on her face as she thought it would come out very hard on her.

The singer, indeed, was alongside his people from production, who encouraged her and at the same time laughing at her humorous comments.

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