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Land Schedule: SMS to 550,000 homeowners will be issued Monday

Records of the records and diagrams of more than 720,000 buildings in Athens will continue with its Land Register registration process. As mentioned, the Cadastras will return the relevant records on Monday, 22 April, and alert more than 550,000 owners with sms.

In line with sources from the Land Register, owners' involvement in the above process is important and they directly share their own interests and interests as it will be the only means to explore it. if the data are properly entered, both of their own and their property.

At the redevelopment, the total number of properties in the above properties should be 550,000 – representing a total of 1,250,000 in 2008 – within the boundaries of Athens. a warning to correct any errors.

The process of updating in the Cadastre by connecting

The pre-ordering will be done electronically through the electronic services at the Site of Earth

The same website ( will also provide information on the costs of the cadastral process.

The people who will be affected and liable for the reimbursement will be joining the system by inputting TaxisNet codes into which they will be able to access their real rights data and attributes. corresponding to their authenticity in Cadastre records.

The Application for Land Registration will be opened on 22 April 2019 and will be completed on 22 June 2019 on the basis of the current operation with the closure of the appropriate platform.

Once documents and requests for reconsideration are made and verified, cadastral lists will be completed, the postal process will be followed in a subsequent phase.

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