Friday , April 3 2020
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Live coverage of the NASA Black hole (video) call – News

On-line, NASA will broadcast a long-term decision on Washington based on the new way of life.

The announcement will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm with Telescope Event Horizon's directors, Sheffield Dultman and NSF Franz Cordova, who will be very much looking at the community and scientific background.

Scientists will be involved in news interviews at the same time about six cities talking about performance that writes history without officially knowing what is actually done.

The process is organized by members of the National Science Trust (NSF) and the Event Horizon Telescope Telescope (EHT), who prove that the message will search for the space world.

According to so far, it will be mentioned that it would be possible to first observe and record pictures from a black hole, probably from the midst of the galaxy.

Internet conferences will be held in Brussels, Shanghai, Taipei, Santiago, Chile and Tokyo.

The EU headquarters exhibition – which has contributed to the funding of this research – will include the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation of Carlos Moed and scientists, and will include ALMA large telescope directors and the European Theater Theater. in the series. (ESO).


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