MasterChef 3: Condizas "caught" player

It was "to hit" to do so to prevent it from having a # 39; appears in the time he was a best dish for Magistrates MasterChef. But at the time of hearing the Sotiris Kontias sounds from the depth of the platform.

The reason why Pantelis was the one who was Enjoy the shelter firmly trying to make gunpowder bread. However, this did not enjoy it & # 39; judge on the television cooking competition and did not translate to stop, even leaving the player … "bone".

MasterChef 3: Here are the vessels that disturb the judges!

"Without the machines that fail, Pantelis. So they'll lose the tools, what do you do? Open it up, it's estimated up. .. ", called Sotiris Kontias away.

He then went to his sledge with his & # 39; trying to rectify, and accept Sotiri Kontiza's idea of ​​the correct way.

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