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A New Democracy was reported to vote against the "Macedonia North" agreement protocol to NATO to be repeated by Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of the House, mentions "final action destructive agreement".

The chief of the chief challenger said that this final action "is shifted through a process that weakens our parliamentary morality based on unanimous unions of votes from the Members willing."

"Representation of the parliamentary repository has been changed," he stressed and asked for his & her; Prime Minister elections

"A national case is taking place in the ruins of the basic rules of the Parliament of the Republic," said the head of the main challenges, saying that Mr Tsipras would say "instead of going to elections as he should do, trying to connect to the country without political loyalty. That did not do so again in our country, "he said," they are noticing they include political and institutional independence that has never been before. "

"The Hellenic Republic has been living and residing in political business days. In a common way, the president of the ND continued to say:" In front of the eyes We saw and saw a eel. Every day we think it does not; go further. And they are worried about us. We saw all the packers made. Changes have been evaluated by worksheets and posts to either give the government confidence or presence on Prespa. Bills going through single-use votes are donated by vacant certificates, between a poor bankruptcy. So voting has come to NATO to NATO. With lending vouchers and Khammenos playing the same theater that has started since the last spring ".

The independent MP who supported the Prespa agreement did not outline the main challenge: "Greece is living in a tough day. We have also made Members "Independent", which is said, – but who will give their vote in advance to your particular party. And the country is tomorrow, unfortunately, at risk of six partners, who has taken part in the latest SYRIZA action. This parliamentary downturn is ultimately strengthening the enemies of the Republic. Everyone who attacks politics completely. They & # 39; disagreeing. Investing in very good and non-messages. As you did in the past. It's your own politics that separates you. Your water policy is to pour water into the very enemies of the Republic mill. That's why the country needs to go directly to the polls. The tag hairs have the political license needed on Greece, "said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

"The current situation is constantly unbalanced by society," said the head of New Democracy, confirming that the census created by the government by trade and behavior "in secret".

"It's a breakthrough in a majority that raises out of its bankruptcy and negotiation," says Kyriakos Mitsotakis, arguing that "no one anyone can hear Mr. Tsipras's monotonous mice. His move now reminds us of the last crimes of rescue power. "

"Go along with your taxes, your two memorandums, failing. Let Greece take the breath and the Greeks into their hands," said the president of the ND.

««The day's decision is to connect the country»

Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized the ratification of today's protocol voted by the House of Representatives: "House of this type – and under these sad problems – is wrong to connect the country with -and as important as it is today. Why is the affirmation protocol confirming it as the final stamp on a national error. After today's decision, there is no further return because one of the strongest fighting bargaining arms in the country. We gave you arms, but you did not use it, "he said.

"Skopje's entry to NATO was the main reason for the Prespa Agreement. The confederations were to stop this that was waiting for years," he said, saying they are "just Now, they have found a government so willing to share the Greeks into Skopje. "

««The contract offers neighbors to & # 39; to fund a Monastic Mac»

"Prespa's agreement allows his neighbors to have Macedonian monarch, recognizing land with Macedonian, Macedonian speaking and receiving "Macedonian" culture, said the chief of the main challenges.

He stressed that the word "Northern Macedonia" would be forgotten because their identity and a unique language would give their name.

"This is not a fair agreement," he also, "is a settlement. Mr Tsipras only understands what political translation he has said in which the prime ministers Previously saying it was not, "he said.

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