"Northern Macedonia": Introducing constitutional changes – Every step

The next country is rapidly making the next steps to fully-sponsor Prespa full consent.

As the Skopje Rural Ministry today said, after fulfilling all the legal requirements for finalizing the final agreement and the constitutional changes, the Northern Macedonia Government will publish in the Government's Official Gazette the date the implementation of the constitutional developments.

As the communication stresses, the Republic of Northern Macedonia and its Greece then send a letter to Secretary General Antonio Antonio Guterres and let him know what date will the final agreement come to an end in decades between the two countries.

After that, the Republic of Northern Macedonia will inform the Secretary of State, the Member States, the US auditor countries, and the international organizations of which he is a member, of the changes that have happened .

The Foreign Ministry news in Skopje said it is expected that this will happen in the days ahead.

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