Northwest with 9 points ahead

New "stable" democracy ahead SYRIZA Confirming a new Pulse voting for Sky TV.

The main challenge against SYRIZA with 9 percentage points – the 9.5 command is higher than the valid ballot, 35% is ahead of its impact, and Mr Mitsotakis again ahead Alexis Tsipras a question about who is suitable for a job; with 11 points prime minister. Indeed, the ND president also benefits "not" with 35%, compared to 24% of Tsipras and 34% with "none".

In particular, ND is hitting 30.5% against 21.5% of SYRIZA. On the right, the statistics are set at 31.5% for their main challenges, compared to 22% of the regulatory party. NW was accounted for 58% of the profit, compared to 23% of SYRIZA.

The third party, according to its vote, Motion of Change, is 7.5% collection of voting resolution, with 7% of Chrisi Avgi and KKE with 6%. According to the voting, the next parliament will be the five-party area, with the River 1.5%, ANEL 1%, HELPING 2%, ANTARSYA 1.5%, and 13.5% DEVELOPMENT.

However, according to polling, about 3 out of 4 citizens (73%) have a & # 39; believe that the philosophy of university and public places, with a special interest in government evaluation of recent movements, is not sufficiently opposed. So, the question is at least whether they have a voting intention with a skeptical case, 53% of them; "small" response to "no", and 26% responded "from" to "enough".

However, the public sector recruitment paper is likely to leave about 2 out of 3 respondents (64% of respondents from "small" to "no"), and 17% have a & # 39; respond "many" to "enough". The percentages are not different from SYRIZA and ND voters.

In the same vote, one out of two citizens also states that investment has not been helped by leaving his / her; memorandum, and 4 out of 10 (42%) say that they are in a very difficult economic situation. "Fairly comfortable" is "very comfortable" to indicate its financial finances but only 11% of the respondents.

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