OAED: 8,933 hiring in 56 towns and 37 groups – When can you apply?

That place Social Work Program the first one for measuring salaries on the total total salary of 650 euros (total) and 546 knowledge (net) and so will be increased by salary 495,25 euros previously paid age of 25 years or over.

The program, which includes eight months of post and training, is all registered to work aged 18 and over. Depending on the criteria set out in the relevant ministry decision, the focus is on those who are unemployed in the long run – over the next. 12-month-old group – especially those older than 45 and 55 who have the highest allocation for new employment.

H new charitable work Its aim is to deal with occupations in 56 towns in the country as well as environmental protection groups of the country; natural protection sites (Natura) throughout Greece.

Criteria and graduation

Those who are registered in the unqualified record are just the right to apply online applications OAED, belonging to at least one of the following sections:
• registered without work in the OAED unemployment record, members of non-employed families and their partners are registered without work in the OAED unemployment record
• registered without work in OAED workstations, members of the families of one parent who does not work
• not to register temporarily in charts without OAED employment
• unemployed academic graduates in the university and technology department, enrolled in the OAED graduates, to complete their roles in accordance with their formal qualifications
• registered without work in the OAED without earning more than 29 years of age
• registered with the unemployed people with a disability in OAED
• unemployed registered in the OAED unemployed, donors of the "Voluntary Social Income" (KAA).

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