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Part of Barcelona in "Bernabeu" and join the Final Cup! – Football – Spain – Barcelona – Real Madrid

What if it does not welcome a score to & # 39; First game (1-1) … What if Messi was in a bad night and did not "messenger" … What if Real Madrid was the team that created the opportunities …

Its meaning and its & # 39; Barcelona's 3-0 victory at Santiago Bernabeu, who gave her the certificate for the last 6 season.

In the 50's, Suarez opened the score with a very good running throughout the area, and in 69 & # 39; Baran put his member into his 0-2 net of his team. Four minutes later (73 & 39), the opposition against Uruguayan attacked; Cupplan finished the benefit of his team with a penalty accident.

The game

Realizing more … was a very lively game and tried to control the rhythm from the beginning. In the first season both teams were hungry and alert.

The first two teams had a good start with the home team; threatens the active Vinisios from the left. The Brazilian himself received twice a four-minute (19 & 23, 39), but it flashed both: first, he put the ball over the steps, and In the second case Ter Sergen took over.

On the other hand, Barcelona could not play its game, because Messi was well closed with the defensive protection. The Catalanans were fair after 25 and had 5 minutes (30 & 39; -35 & 39), but they did not get a clean chance.

In the 37th-38th minute, the "mirenges" then re-invented, with Benzema a & # 39; hitting the locality left to the left and a few seconds later, Viniscius placed a ball just over the beam with a pencil shot. Here's how the two teams have been taken to the catchment room for a 0-0 break until they make a real mistake.

The second half was ideal for Barcelona, ​​with its first chance, by DeBebel. going to the area and Suarez to run on Navi for 0-1.


Despite being & # 39; Screw it, follow the "Queen" doing … a game and watch for the goals. However, it was obvious that she did not have a clear mind in the final, though he had been in a position; affecting the same, with Regillon to & # 39; taking the fish across the area, but that Ter Sergen would have gone at his corner and to drive South-

At least five minutes later, Vinichius activated "hit" the defensive defenses and was killed throughout the area, but was unfortunate when he hit a place and finished corner.

Barca was like cobra and on the 69th he reached 0-2, with DeBelel going to the area and Varan was a casting his team's nets, although Suarez came right behind him.


Uruguayan of the Catalans strikes the machine in cake in 73 & # 39; to make a & # 39; Punishment he won with Kashimiro. In addition, there is a working method that game, since the case certificate was cleared and 0-3 did not change to its command.

The writings of the two groups:

Real Madrid (Solari): Nova – Karvahal, Ramos, Varan, Reilon – Casimiro (75 & Valverde), Cros, Montreux – Lucas Vecchet (68 & Balls), Biscuits

Barcelona (Valverde): Terran – Seed, Pike, Langle, Alba – Basket (86 Arthur), Rackitz, Sergi Roberto – Debepele (75 & Kutinio), Messi,

Live the fight:

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