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Preview 25 Themes in Game of Thrones – ENTER – TV

It's been a great time to come. The Game of Thrones returns to our screens on Sunday 14th April and indeed we are waiting for it with a breathtaking breath.

We are talking about the world's most popular show which is a big event and indeed the 8th round with the six programs is the one that gives the most surely.

This time, we have collected a further 25 tunes that have transformed Game of Thrones into a global wonder. Badgers, marriages, ill-fated marriages, clan chiefs, dragons, resurrection of treasure, and beautiful. We take a deep breath and we start.

O Thion is in Winderfeld

There was a time when Thon thought he would do everything. Growing up from Stark, it decides to bite it hands to him so he's "doing" and taking over Winderfeld and many people believe he has killed it. two younger brothers. It has been paid for since then and with a great interest.

Rob Walker is known as the King in the North

Can you remember the lovely level that was? Did we all believe Stark is ready to take revenge on the death of Nend, and Rob would send his army against Lanister and deliver them? How beautiful were we feeling when we saw the northern rulers saying “King of the North” and we went with them as well? We no longer need to remember that the story has ended. This goes on a lot further below.

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