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Prison Mafia: Conversation – lawyer fire with archimophoso Albanian (video)

Fire conversation It becomes clear chief lawyer and Albanian Chef, a key member of the group known as tmafia of it Prisons of Korydallos".

These are the following new conversations 64-year-old lawyer and he Albimophoso Albanian, who always asks for help from the lawyer: "… I didn't get help to you, you did that … and my father was my brother and my father." brother so that you didn't happen and you are making it for me. Where I went into life, and you helped me with your soul.

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He refuses to play any part in the "Korydallos Mafia" by the arrested lawyer

It certainly refuses to engage with his former legal representative in any action. DIMENSION, Giorgos Antonopoulos, caught on Thursday by a man A 45 year old co-worker after qualifications for participating in the Koza Nestra in Korydallos.

The two solicitors asked him and they got a date from the panel of a special examination Eftychi Nikopoulosto gain experience of the case file recorded and to be involved in a criminal organization set up in 2014 which was involved in a number of offenses, including murder, attempting to commit murder, t abuse, threats and more.

Criminal offenses for solicitors

According to the information, the mediator has arrested convictions for expenses of witnesses, including prison officers. It seems to have provided important evidence of someone who took it the data richness of the movements of one of the two defenders who had been a legal adviser to LAGIE.

Oh Alexandros Lykourezos from the solicitor's claimants, in his statements he argued that his clear principle is being denied in any criminal act.

And Aris Floros to the inspector

Note that he is the artistic auditor Nikopoulos Mouse to examine the businessman for many times today Mars Floro which was said to have contributed everything he had previously intended to extricate from prisoners, now accused of being a member of the "mafia prison". t

For the "Korydallos Mafia" an additional criminal offense was alleged against the accused as a member of the body for the black boy, a body alleged to be associated with the matter. Floros for money the prisoners might have been given to make their eisteddfodau as a stranger to his attempt DIMENSION. This case is also linked to the prosecution of the lawyer Mihalis Zafiropoulos, friend and advocate Maris Florou.

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Prison Prison: Floros had to send her to the inspector

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