Samantha thought he was in Uber – shortly after he was found dead

Samantha Joseph decided to call Uber about 2pm on Friday after welcoming her friends after he had fun in Columbia, South Carolina. Shortly afterwards he was found dead after a fatal error.

The 21-year-old University of Carolina University joined in with Chevy Impala's belief, believing it was the way, police said today at a press conference.

About 14 hours later, from the moment they entered the wrong vehicle, they found the body in a 90-mile radius of Columbia.

“What we now know is, indeed, that he had called the Uber race and thought he would come," said Holbrooke, naming supplies from surveillance cameras. "He was wrong in his This special car, believing it was called Uber, "said the inspector. t

Soon he was short, before he went away, and the murderer's carriage went on board.  T

Soon he was short, before he went away, and the murderer's carriage went on board. T

Nathanel Rowland, 24, was arrested for murder and theft of Samantha, who was later named. It has not yet been known whether Samantha was defeated by pretending to be the driver, looking at him or making a fatal error.

The police said the blood of the student was found in the car of the stolen person.

Holbrooke explained how this had happened.

Samantha's sermons began to worry when they didn't have the news the next morning and they nominated the police about 1:30 pm.

Although Columbia was examined by police, corpse hunters found around 4pm. in a woodland area in Clarendon County, southeast of Columbia. After a while she was recognized as the 21-year-old.

The police identified the vehicle for the pupil, and saw a Columbia officer seen the Impala, who stopped him. When the officer asked the driver to leave the car, he tried to escape, but was soon arrested.

The blood found in the car's passenger seat was confirmed and it was Samantha. The car also finds its mobile phone, bottle of strawberry, microbicides and window cleaner.

The police also said the Impalase child safety locks were in operation, which it would be difficult for anyone to open the doors.

Police have not provided any more detail about how the crime was attacked.

CNN has asked Uber to comment on the idea of ​​seeing such a mistake being done on the victim's side, but the company refused to comment.

The Uber Safety Council advises users to find out if the tag, picture of the driver and a name connect the application content before they enter the car.

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