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"I hope it is true that the First Minister will not come to the debate," Panos Kammenos, an Independent Independent President Panos Kammenos, sent his speech to the House, but at that time he went to the Chamber and Alexis sat Tsipras instead.

Mr Kammenos recites the "plans" for "silence of the Independent Greeks," saying that when he created this scene, his princess was surprised. "As you can see, today after my speech and after Mr Papachristopoulos have been deleted, it was decided that ANEL should not be spoken, to take part in the Committees, should be a KO. We have been our government partners and supported the government's work With our vote and back we left the country out of the Memories. "

"From my time to the USA with the Dawn and EphSyn newspapers, it was announced that there will be an apostasy. Those MPs will be from one party to another with prizes. And indeed, from a government party to the government. First Minister, you've done it. And you're in a general line with ND. You took my head and walked to Erdogan and I wrote the newspapers that left the problem in the middle "The next thing could be in Merkel," said ANEL chairman.

And he continued: "My election was first made to the Parliament in 1993. Throughout my political life, by ND, ANEL, what I said to say, I said from the House. I was not even & # 39; he was a black-haired, and he was not at all crying. At the end of my parliamentary life that was executed and sentenced to speak on the floor . That is, a Prime Minister, you have committed an offense. For myself, I take responsibility. But, ANEL will not forget it. What do I do in children? is Eve, Antonis, blameing the road? What is the thing that convicts you in Syntagma, Klauthmonos, the things that were successful in the House and you are telling them today that you are getting casual. You've been demolished by expressing KEL ANEL in a coup, giving them the opportunity to Find out the results of their course nn. We went to the age of the city that exchanges the soul. Confirmation of a sign that Konstantinos Karamanlis was a post, Heraclitus: "A safer enemy is not an unpleasant contribution" ".

"We do not pray, we do not carry it. I have never asked independent Members. I do not accept those who are, By order they are different from what they receive, vote by the chairman of their minister. And not just the elected candidates. Even the deputy person I should go to ANEL after you have been suppressed by Mr Papachristopoulos, who you bought with the minister's chair! To achieve 151, he opposed his president.

"Mr Mitsotakis fought with him. Now you drive to the opponent, not what you say right and left. And not bridges I have built Mr Prime Minister with I would prefer to go home. I may also bring you up tonight as a member. I was fighting the interplay. Four newspapers – I have a story on the front page. From a particular person. And do you tell me to find them? No, I did not get them and I did not find them. Tell me that I will still protect, "he stressed.

"The people, the citizens, the squares, are the challenges given to the political leaders and the parties established by KO. It is given to you and my security is the Greek people. It is enough for me to say free of charge. But I had to have the right to be elected by the Greek people with a party that you worked for four years. Our output does not mean much There was nothing at all. You saw that you are a very cool player. But the execution of Macedonia is a great deal. And I do not threaten you. I tell you you should respect principles and opinions at least, because you do not respect human relationships. I can continue, after four years in the Ministry of Defense, sadly, how did you go out of the way. In my house. But the rest of us who followed us where they go? Every child yes What did they believe in national government what would they do? "He also said.

"An incompatible theater with an explanation. It was donated by Andreas Papandreou in 1995 after Summit Cannes. Papandreou was ill after Summit Cannes after he spoke of the Brussels's headquarters and asked the The name of Macedonia was given … A sick person was unhappy, said: "In the allegations of crisis and interests, I say so special. I do not want to tell who they spoke and what they said, but I say to you that there is a clear plan for establishing national governments that can not participate in a democratic way but They are responsible for the guidance given by the directors. "And then he refused to complete the Macedonian phrase," he said, attack Alexis Tsipras.

"Today we are coming to Parliament with a government with SYRIZA and its rebels. SYRIZA criticized us for our relationship with NATO. Is there a rocket in Larissa … SYRIZA, who was a & # 39; the rule of what we say in NATO. Today, he clarifies his biggest flag of the largest foundation from Incirlik to Skopje. This is against ND, and I would have fully understood if ND had rejected the case with the Prespa Agreement and the situation that did not agree to "Macedonian", as more than 35 MPs believe. It is paradoxical that ND's leadership is happier, because she thinks the ball is out of her hands … At Athenian Club yesterday, she has been laughing at someone saying "past "I say," from the evening, "he said.

"In a few minutes we will destroy Thanachis Papachristopoulos. We did not negotiate with anyone. Although public intentions for change management were open. Why do not we want gifts. We know how to fight, but I do not forget that the parliamentary party's unacceptable conditions are. You will cut our voice in the House. We're between two From the end of our colleagues, from ND … We will fight on, but you have a responsibility, Mr President, at least what we have agreed to move forward. The relationship living because of those who have been voted to break their occupation. Why some say "he said with clear spices.

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