She is astonished by a well-known singer: "I wanted to kill it! I was hungry …"

"I do not tell you the truth about how many days I ate … do not tell me how many days I slept on a …"

The famous player, Costas Chatzis, speaks to Good and Rene Sarantin and his / her; attacking being honest and honest. Kostas Hatzis says he was confirmed at the age of 17, who had been trying to kill himself.

You have a political idea and purpose. Why did not you decide to deal with politics? Find me a non-sufferer politician. I was 17 years old and was betrayed through the system itself. I wanted to leave life …

Kostas Hatzis

Do you want to kill yourself? Yes, I wanted to kill himself, but my father was very fond of me; father. I had two sisters who wanted to have a dowry. How do we marry, with the … licean? I was looking for something to do, but what? Then go to the home's ambassadors as a member of staff, b> I had to have a paper of social ideas … I do not want to learn or to go out … anywhere. What would happen? I've been tough, I've been very hungry … The song "Mothachadh", I did for my cookie. To report human rights, responsibilities, the dignified dignity of the state, I am doing this for 64 years.

Talk to me about this time of your life. I'm hanging, I eat today and after three days … after 5 days … I do not tell you the truth about how many days I ate. .. I had read things that helped me … do not tell me how many days I slept on a beef … my rent was against the palace, in the Royal Garden, a mountain, I jumped I went and I went there and I slept. I had read that when Gandhi suffered a hunger strike, he went every morning with a glass of orange juice. I went to the Theater Square, where the grocery stores were held and that the ground dropped, orange or unleashed orange could be left; Counted, so I went and found a orange or an apple, washed and consumed with a digging together. I ate this and kept me … we talk about it very horrible … I fought very much with the song. I usually used to & # 39; sing and sing when I was a Brazilian, when I was Spanish, to live.

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