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Evening festival late (08/02), there were critical developments in the eye of Dimitris Grikou as it was known that The Prosecutor asked Claims appeals for murder by resolution and indicate the decision of the Prosecutor to give his / her case as incorrect.

At the same time, after months of tranquility, Mrs. Dimitris Grikou, who first said her husband had been pregnant, live, talk to Angeliki Nikolouis for everyone.

««The fact that I and my children do not appear to appear to me; means that we are not injured"He said.

"The ground opened and swallowed up … It's surprising as this happened … We also followed the way it was like to do according to the security cameras it recorded. I will not see anything. In the graves we have been told that there were many people at the time of killing those animals that day. Most of them left and killed; They stayed with Dimitris with a merchant who had the financial money and the girl who was biting her. After looking at some invoices, the merchant and then my husband left her first ".

In a conversation with the reporter, he suggested that the animals killed were more valuable and did not get the money that was said …



Dimitris Graykos.

She emphasized the important thing for her and her children to learn the truth.

"What we want to find out what happened to Dimitris, my father's father, my man … If some were being scared for their loss, being honored, paid … Two years have passed and everything I was doing was burning candles in the church. I did not know what I should do .. We need to learn … Do we also make a memorial, take a soul to rest … "he said.

The missing person referred to the tension between them as soon as he told him he wanted a divorce. Then, as he said, they decided to find them and for this reason they made family holidays with their children in a pleasant atmosphere.

"We went over a crisis after twenty-five years of marriage. In addition we were all together. We did not worry before being lost," he said.

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