So AEK – Football – Super League has reached Manolos

Inside the day, as well as incredibly amazing, Manol Jimenez will be appointed to the technical leadership of the AEK.

A Spanish coach, who was in Greece from night last night for his third term in the "black-black" charter, to the FC yesterday's office to settle the latest information about his new contract .

It is hoped that today will form an official form of collaboration on both sides and the names will be down, and in the evening it will return to Spata as a result of the important game with Atromitos in Peristeri for the Cup of Greece final round.

Live Sport refers to the return of Jimenez to AEK. Marinos Ouzounidis decided to pull back from the "Union" technical headquarters, and his administration moved. club directly to his decision.

The … prepared, such as the relevant newspaper reports, had happened earlier. Both sides had no communication, not to return the Spanish coach questioning.

Since the time of Mr Ouzounidis left, FCI leaders turned into the Sevigiano coach and the weather was in the first first conversation at the beginning.

Although other coaches were considered, AEK discovered that Jimeneth did not have time to change, he returned to a familiar environment and also had a number of players; Good words about him before he left for the summer for real family reasons.

Also, Spanish liked the dimension of Dimitris Melissanidis, as the strong team member recognizes the gratitude of the Andalusian coach that the team has received. His first playoff after 24 years.

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