Soula Merentitis for Ragousi: I hope that I can spy out

With a very hard job on Facebook, Soula Merediti attacked Yannis Ragoussis.

The previous MP's PASOK has a & # 39; talk about "thrash" and "down" who was a minister in PASOK and ending "I hope it's possible to make a mistake"!

In detail, what did he write:

"As formerly a former head teacher of Pharos, Mr Ragousis was convinced, mostly politician. He was secretary of PASOK, 45% PASOK, a powerful and remarkable minister, Minister Communications Minister, National Defense Minister, had KINAL's leadership, advocacy and voting a series of bills, such as Kallikratis, clarity, and how he could know himself last night , his husband as a Pharos sea. Dona dona, disgrace. Michael and disgrace, anger and depression, and for himself and for us who has been preserved and did not shout at her time. 39; off. I hope that I can spy it in the future. "

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