Sure enough for "dragon" Maroussi

'Victims of dragon' maroussi's report is a surprise 'Friday' at the Mixed Misconduct Court in Athens.

Four of the six women who have been sentenced to 32-year sentences, who have been sentenced to 16-year-old sentences and two months originally, were described in tears as tearing in their attacks.

“I went on a job. I was on the way. I saw one on my right. I did not notice. We had a distance. I feel that there is someone I don't get out of my dish. As if I were stuck on the ground. I took my breast. I was adjusting; help, &; nobody was listening to me. He threw me back. He fell on me. One end of my mouth closed. The other man was trying to open my pants. At one time I pulled my hand out of my mouth and I started shouting "help", "said one of the women and he said:" I can't get over it. Until I caught it, I surrounded him with wood in his hand.

A dragon Maroussi was joined in March 2017 for six enforcement efforts at 16-year prison sentences and two months' imprisonment. In addition, the court ordered a 1,000 euro fine for illegal weapons

"I said: my life is over

Another woman, who suffered a 32-year-old man, said to the court, "I had a tape in my mouth. He threw me down. I was screaming, help; I said that my life is over. He fell over me, I struck his body with my hands and my feet, and I killed him.

"He was beaten with his hands behind him"

The third witness gave evidence that he was passing the way from Halandri when he was understood and didn't really matter. He said: "I am going to be smile. He pulls my bag. He wrapped me with my hands behind me … I put my clothes on, he put his hands down underneath. He tried to put my feet under his arm, tried to take off underwear, I was riding I was cycling.

"Some things won't forget someone"

The fourth victim, who was described in the Joint Court of Appeals, whose 32-year-old daughter had been forced to pull his trousers. "That awake was aggressive. Some things are not forgotten," he said.

"I didn't understand it, I was cleaned when I put me in"

In an apology, the procurator fiscal said 32 years of his actions. He said he had heard voices saying he would have to attack the women, and that he was looking at his old friend.

"I didn't understand what I did. I was sent back when I put me in for the future because I had heard voices" to kill it "," he said.

The accused said he was badly wounded by the difficult relationship he had with a Roman sympathizer, George.

"I heard voices, humbling. Give him down. Don't listen to the lies he says," he said, "in the eyes of the daughters, who she saw George."

"At the last girl I put the tape in her mouth, I heard the voice saying" listen to his lies "and I immediately pulled out the tape and closed my mouth, but I didn't let it. I didn't understand that I was doing right or wrong, but I myself was in it. but since I gave my voices, “the accused man also said.

There was little conflict with the hearing when psychologist Dimitris Souras proved that the accused had no vision of the sacrifices, with one of the political and female candidates involved in the trial. The women who were standing and shouting, "what are you saying? She went out to my wife"

Finally, the procurator fiscal's office recommended a 32-year sentence, as at first, and on 23 April, the court's decision is expected.

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