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SYRIZA: An encouraging or KINAL response to the loans

The earthquake reports a KINAL answer for loans, SYRIZA in a statement.

"Getting a loan is not a KINAL solution but fun but also scary," says SYRIZA, referring to the KINAL situation for bank loans to the parties and continuing.

"What does KINAL tell us in simple words?

This was because many people were entitled to large loans on large loans. Rather than explaining why they did not have more state funding and need the loans from the banks, they have come out to say that they have had to use the banks for some reason. money! But still, if one took the absurdity, tell us how much it is possible that they were getting legal from state funding so that they could not borrow t repay the banks?

That was, they didn't raise the money, they also wanted an understanding loan. And indeed they prospered even though they were certified as strategic payers and a battery! This is precisely what justice involves in criminal offenses.

And in fact, that cost hundreds of millions of people, at the same time they voted bloody cuts against the Greek community? Didn't they get state funding? Didn't their own black funds, Mr Tsukatos, deny?

They are not embarrassed to compare their own loans to hundreds of millions of euro, with the always-received SYRIZA loan, and when SYRIZA gave 3%, but today the government that's rightly given? Who will be paid up to 2021 and there is no favorable arrangement and no hare

As regards saying that they pay life for their loans, we know it. But make sure that the Greek man will not “re-introduce” the bill.

On top of that, there are many words as poverty. The key question is: What are your debts, when and how are you paying them? ", Says SYRIZA.

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