The ANT1 spoon and the number of listeners

An Radio Arvila again in the air after the divorce divorced from ANT1. Antonis Kanakis and his company had a new and horny new start, and this came from the first minute.

From their humor, there was no one, even the top reporters of the SKAI, and this is Radio Arvila that started for the eleventh year but with a different frequency.

The Thessaloniki company came into "Look at the clear side of life".

"Long live, Paul Paulkis! Hail Adonis Georgiades! Live live in Megaloonikomou! Live live Grace of grace! Hurt Panos! Live Alex! Long live Koulis! Live on the bed! Good start of Radio Arvila!" The first words were at Antonis Kanakis's mouth and the dance signal fell for another year.

Somewhere they threw a pen for ANT1, saying they hope that SKAI will serve a good satire and humorous.

"There were women and nobles, I saw the stuff and I must tell you if you are alone who laugh above, tonight you will have a problem with your neighbors, if you do not have your neighbors on The Radio Arvila. We will welcome SKAI to Radio Arvila and we want to compete with bread and fun! " Antonis Kanakis told his mind to continue with his team, the cold news based, but also a downward account of the number of 39!

According to Nielsen TV spectators, Radio Arvila hosted 33% of observers at the SKAI Monday evening meetings.

In the lively spectators aged 18-54, the broadcast was 34%, and reached a quarter of 38.6%.

Indeed, women aged 18-24 stood by 50%.

Women aged 25-44 showed the choice for the producer at 39%, when men of the same age reached 34%.

* Audience data describes a time zone & # 39; program

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