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The High Court meets for the restoration of the term Eleni Touloupaki GREE

On Thursday, Superintendent High Council will be meeting the Office of the Corrupt Advocates' Office, Eleni Touloupaki, in respect of whether their command should be updated or whether there is to be an alternative prosecution.

The Grand Council of Judge, together with the High Court Procurator Fiscal, Foreign Minister Dimitriou and the President of the High Court, Mr Petr Peppas, are criticized as eleven years ago. T of judges and prosecution. The Eleni Touloupaki period comes to an end in two years and she has delivered a positive view on her term of office, while the procurator fiscal Charalambos Tzonis and the vice-chair of the Union of Judges and Judges respectively have announced. charge for the post of Procurator Fiscal. Efstathios Vergonis.

Ms Eleni Touloupakis came after Eleni Rikou in the role of Head of the Advocates Office after Riki resigned, which had turned down interventions in her work with government officials.

The open ones
Matters, including Novartis

However, the decision of the Best Council of Judging Council for developments in the Novartis case is very much open and next week is due to see another archive for politicians, five in total. T research is currently open. Information is given that the new archive will be located no later than the week by the week. However, the possibility still exists for one other than Andreas Loverdos that the case can go to the House or remain open for research.

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