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The old 4-year-old was killed in a Vasilis funeral

The final piece of family drama disaster in Caledonia where his father is 27-year-old kill his child, who is four years old and then getting rid of himself, is currently playing in Pallinis cemetery.

Joana, 21, has surprised the child and her partner with friends and family who are trying to help her.

Callander disaster: Fighting a 4-year-old Vasilis funeral

On the last Sunday morning, the 21-year Roma went to the house where her partner and child stayed, but as she walked in, she found her two innocent groups in the nursery room. Earlier, the 27-year-old burned a gun gun at his boy four years before turning his gun to his head and finished his life.


Vasilis's 4 year old mother


"I cannot stand up for mother and father. That separation should never be made" the 27-year-old man's last paper was on white paper this only happened before the death.

In the note, the man without children and the devolution are saying that he is separated from the 21-year-old, saying that he had never happened, that he must be a mother. and his father for 4 years, and not having to keep this situation again and again. His note comes to an end with a "genuine apology".

Young person appeared to have had mental problems. He had lost his father a little that he was losing, but as he said, the Athenian-Macedonian Group had not gone to hospital.

The Chronicle of Tragedy

The man was 27 years old to the mother of the child and according to the first information it was a subject of much controversy.

She said that she had friendly relationships and their relationships were regular and rigorous.

According to Saturday night they were taken out by phone.

According to Roma information, the woman was trying to communicate with him on Sunday, but nobody answered. Eventually, he went home to Chalandri, where he learned the stories. Their mother began to shout and the neighbors were sent to the police.

“He passed the patrol under my house very quickly and we said something happened. They go down the stairs and learn that his father killed his son 4 years and committed suicide. I see the police officers getting out of the apartment with tears in my eyes, I tell you and standing on you. We all accept this truth, "he said to the", which lived in the area.

The neighbor told the protothemagrur son: "We were not familiar with them. We were seeing them and seemed to be silent. The father we were playing with the mock was the father we were playing." T sometimes, I can't tell what happened and killed his son.

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