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The prisoner fled from the Evelpidon

10/04/19 • 15:40 | UPD 10/04/19 • 15:40


The attempt to find and arrest a 43-year Roma, escaped from the Antarctic courts, is fast track.

The victim of the crime was moved so that he would have been alarmed for the inspector, accused of stealing homes. According to what happened, all the events took place on Tuesday (09.04.2019).

Friends of the prison encouraged a program and the jail at it exploded. And so far it's left blank!

The pike that was broken involved five people aged 24 to 47 years and was removed a few days ago by the Kifissia security department. The five men who were arrested in Maroussi by DIAS men were a little, since they are always visiting selling mats or delivering goods such as fruit, they had tried to steal home. area. t

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