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The sounds of the Galaxy S10 can be drawn with a 3D shape – Samsung

As you can see, there's a advanced fingerprint detected by Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + that uses high-tech technology.

The advantage of this technology is that he monitors all information about the outdoor layers, scraping the fingerprint outright, and being able to work even if the person's fingers are dirty or wet user.

Samsung said that when it was official for the official youngsters that it was the most progressive key reader and that it demonstrates excellent excellence and efficiency. However, according to an imgur consumer of darkshark, his three-dimensional printer for "cheat" made three attempts at the Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasonic brand.

From the start, darkshark picked up a picture of his keyboard that it left in a glass of wine with its smart phone (although, as he said, a DSLR would do better then). and that it would be better to now be a picture and increase it between alpha mask ». He then used 3ds Max to make a three-size model for his photo with Photoshop and then printed it with AnyCubic Photon LCD printer. The print process did not last longer than 13 minutes, the result is shown in the following video.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + are not based on a capacitive scanner-search engine, but an "ultrasonic" sensor that is to be saved more safely. But Darkshark proved it was not so difficult to be "fool". Considering how many bank applications or how many payment requests use keywords to identify the user, many questions will be asked about the security of that system.

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