This is the Queen in Carnival Patras, who is 20 years old

Anastasia Psarou won the title among 30 competitors – it is coming from Athens and his & her; studied in the Department of Knowledge at the University of Patras

He will have Anastasia Psarrou's Queen Carnival Pattern 2019South West The Patriotic Queen of Carnival 2019 was among the 30 candidates from Patras, Athens and other Greek towns who had an interest in them.

Anastasia Psarrou, a 20-year-old, beautiful, born and born in Athens, is a student in the Department of Knowledge at the University of Patras.


From a very young age her Patriarch Carnival took her parents, and her recent trips revealed she was serves the Queen's Rock center. From this situation she wants to increase Patras's popularity with her all her likes. In addition, as she said, her dream of her youth was Queen of Carnival Pattern.

Anastasia Psarrou is fluent in English and in French well and he loves dancing and especially Latin.

Her beautiful Queen is with her unique presence. gives him a joy and gives the requisite demand for the great sights of Pattern Pattern 2019 from her friends on the weekend at the top.

All 30 applicants are welcome to Patras Public Welfare Companies "Patras Carnival" for their interest.



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