Tramp – Kim Yong Oun: Sign over and … back to the table!

Published: 28.02.2019 | 23:43


Whatever … did they break it? Was it the first time? Donald Trump and Kim Jong Oun sit back on the talk menu …

Kim Jong Oun, President of the North of Europe, and US President Donald Trub, decided to continue with proven speeches to solve problems at the heart of Summit Hanoi to help with the # bringing a bomb to the continent of Europe and making progress The friendship of Corea-SA SA, a KCNA state organization.

What does Trab – Kim Jong Un

Both headteachers have had a remarkable and remarkable difference to practical ideas to initiate a new era in developing the Pyongyang-Washington relationships, KCNA said that EIA-EBA's contribution to broadcasting.

Kim Jong Oun and Donald Trumb saw the efforts and casualties taken on both sides to reduce effort, stimulate and de-nuclearize peace from the Irish Head is essential to strengthen the confidence between the Two countries and fundamental change of suspicion and bad relationship between the two countries for decades, KCNA notes.

Both headteachers say their second meeting in Hanoi was an important opportunity to build confidence between the two countries and bring their relationship to the next level, according to KCNA.

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